Saturday, 27 November 2010

Trying to change things up a bit really isn't being helped by all the snow I woke up to this morning. Here's my first dilemma of many that are sure to come. I'm meant to be driving to Manchester tonight to see my BFF who's at Uni there but do I go and risk driving there in this weather or stay at home?? I miss her loads but I hate driving in the dark as it is let alone with ice and snow on the roads!! Is going to be a great night with the girls new people new scene but it's not like it's the last chance I have to go I'll be there loads over the 3 or 4 years she will be there. So what do you think?? Risk it for a night out and seeing the BFF or stay at home and rearrange??


  1. Stay at home hun. It is more safe. You can meet them some other time. Don't put yourself in risk. Your blog is new. Welcome to blogging. Goodluck! I am following. I like the contents of your blog.
    Kisses from Germany.

  2. dont drive in the snow if you dont feel up to it - its pretty scary x